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Homework Kits

Board @ School: Cardboard Model Construction Kits

"How are we going to do that?!" Parents, do not despair... Stress relief from that dreaded homework project is now just a click away.

Become a homework hero when these flat pack kits throw you a lifeline to that toothy grinned assignment that just appears at your kitchen table without a moment's notice. Don't reach for that glass, you can now reach for your favorite device instead to solve and not create your next homework headache.​

Let your child's creativity explode all over these blank canvases, helping them to be to the envy of their classmates. Watch them burst with pride as they walk through the school gates with their phenomenal creations under their arm.


This collection of homework rescue kits has been developed in consultation with education professionals to offer solutions to many of the commonly issued Key stage based homework assignments.

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